I Love You

It has been a long journey for us with our boys. We have learned so many new things having boys and twins. One thing we have learned more about and experienced is a speech delay. It has been something I have mentioned on here off and on at times. They are quickly approaching 3.5 years old and on a good day I can tell what they say now 75% of the time, but that is still me dissecting their own language a little and partial sentences. Most days it is generally 50/50 for what we understand. There is still a lot of frustration on both sides, we find that happens more if moods are not 100% or when they are feeling unwell, which is understandable. I still find myself asking them to show me what it is because I don’t understand the word one of them may use. 

But finally a bright spot in our struggles. For so long I have dreamed of hearing those 3 sweet words. I never wanted prompt them just say it to them and finally one day have it said back to me. It seemed to be lost of them. While I cannot tell you the exact day they were finally spoken, I still can remember it clearly. I was on the phone with my mother in early December having one of our general chats. The kids always love to talk to her and tell her their stories too. David was on the phone with her and saying good bye, I could hear my mom saying Bye David, I love you. I told him to say Bye and I love you Grandma, and he said Bye I Lu ou Ganma. My mom and I both were quiet and I told her that was the first time either boy had said those words. She cried and I cried and we were both very glad it was to her they were said. My parents miss a lot of our everyday life living half way across the country from us, so for a special moment to come up like that was amazing.

At just over 3 we finally heard those words we treasure so much. Now I prompt him all the time, I’m a little greedy now having waiting to hear those words. Mark is still really shy about sharing those words, but he is no stranger to hugs and kisses which are just as nice. 



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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