I Wish I had Known – Wedding Registry

OK so we have been maintaining our household purge. I have completed the kids rooms, upstairs hall closet, 95% of our bedroom and our full wall bookcase. For us that is a lot so far. We have taken several boxes to the goodwill and sold quite a bit online as well. In all of this though I have muttered and thought to myself so many time I wish I had known, seeing the things we didn’t use or weren’t favourites. Things we thought, OH that looks neat, won’t that be fun, and wow it will do so much for us. Well obviously showing up in the donation box means it wasn’t any of those things. I have thought that it would have been nice for someone to stop me and say wait a minute and think it through, you don’t need that, in 2 years you won’t use that at all. So I am taking the liberty and creating a few of those lists. This first one is starting back where it all began with us, our wedding registry. Because let’s face it for a good portion of the population this is the first place you get loads of gifts and cash. Any money you have worked to earn has mostly been spent to build up your meager dwelling, get you on your feet, perhaps buy a car.

Here is my list of things you don’t want to register for:

1. Fondue pot – Let’s face it too many of us come up with grand plans of fondue parties with our friends, but it never happens. I think I used mine maybe 3 times in the near 10 years we have been married.

2. Fun Kitchen Appliances – Like the fondue pot the dessert makers, snack makers and can all but clean up gadgets seem exciting and fun and you will use it so many times. Let go of that idea you won’t, don’t waste good money on something you will regret later on that can go towards something durable and more expensive.

3. Glassware – You might be curious on this one, because we all need serving dishes, cups, plates etc. But I caution you to really think these ones through. Don’t just pick out glasses for 8 in every style, because you want to feel like your new married life is like Sex and The City, or you cannot serve a drink in anything other than a Beer Mug. Trust me it won’t matter. The plates won’t matter either, the bowl the chips are served in no one cares. So think this on through again pick something nicer more expensive you can slowly build at over the years. I love my Fiesta ware. I wish I had started with it, rather than whatever I could point that little gun at. Over the years I now have a unique colour collection of pieces that look fun on the table for formal company yet durable and sturdy for every day use and I don’t freak out when my 3 year olds help carry the plates to the table. The funny thing is now our friends just help themselves to what every cups in the cupboard and don’t care what they drink out of. I have only 3 wine glasses (the 4th was broken) for those who really like a wine glass, and my mother.

Now I’m going to switch gears a little and talk about some great things to ask for. Things we really did enjoy. The first thing you need to remember is your registry is personal to you and what you like. We asked for somethings people thought were a little crazy, but they have been our most used items.

1. Towels – Always great, just don’t ask for too many! I would say starting with 6 Large bath, some hand towels and face cloths to match. You will change your towels some day and not having too many to begin with will make it easier if you want to buy new ones when you repaint the bathroom or when the old ones become tired and worn.

2. Sheet sets – Same reasons as a towel, always handy. Again only 3 sets at the most. Honestly I put the same ones back on the bed once I’ve washed them, so we don’t often dip into the extra ones. They provide a nice change or something for the blow up guest bed.

3. Vacuum – A REALLY GOOD ONE! Like a Dyson. Save up some gift cards, cash and invest in something built to last. Our third vacuum was finally a Dyson and it has been worth it. It has already out lived the one we got for our wedding and the other we had before that one. 

4. Kitchen Appliances – I’m not talking the Margartiaville, or toasters. I am talking really good, money well spent things like Kitchen Aid mixers (if you enjoy baking), food processors, or that really heavy duty it costs a lot appliance you have had your eye on. Save up the gift cards and cash for it. Or register and maybe a few people will go together on one. 

5. House Down Payment – Sounds lame, but it is the one investment you will get a return back on. You will want to live in a house of your own far sooner than needing piles of meaning less trinkets. I only wish we had done this. We had a down payment saving up already though and used some of the money we got at our wedding for furniture (which is good and bad, depends again on how you choose to spend and what you buy, think long term). 

6. Camping Gear – This was the one that people weren’t sure about with us. But we needed lots of these items to build up our camping supplies and got most of it at our wedding. We use all those items we got still (except our tent, we had to upgrade with the twins arrival), many are still in great condition. 


So if you are on the verge of a wedding, heading to one or even moving out on your own. Think long term. How long before you have to replace XYZ, is it really going to be a worth while investment, is it better to save up and get what you really want and know will outlast anything? We didn’t ask ourselves alot of those questions and now most of those silly or poorly built items are long gone in our house. We all need to work at learning to live with a little less and working hard to get what we really want. It will be so  much more appreciated and loved when we do. Dave and I have slowly been learning that lesson and made a promise to ourselves these last few years, we don’t buy or renovate anything half way, we save up and get quality so we can enjoy it longer. 


Please remember these are all my personal views. What we each enjoy and want is up to us. Some people enjoy having less in their life and others want to enjoy things in the moment. These are just things I wish I had been told or considered to save myself the hassle now. 


About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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2 Responses to I Wish I had Known – Wedding Registry

  1. halliday2013 says:

    Awesome job Heather. My only note is that nothing cleans like a bucket and a cloth so forget the cleaning gadgets too. 🙂

  2. Yes very true! Forget the swiffers and the fancy promises of magically cleaned areas with these tools. You don’t even need to buy fancy sprays, with a few basic supplies, vinegar, baking soda and lemons you can get lots clean. Don’t forget to use old tshirts as rags so you don’t have to buy those either.

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