My addiction…

I am getting so close to being done our purge. I am down to Main floor which includes living room, kitchen and 2 large closets, both our bathrooms, and basement storage space. I have a little bit of sorting left in regards to my craft stuff and the girls, but that may be a work as I go project. During this process though I have uncovered an addiction I have. Office Supplies, predominately note books. There is just something about crisp clean pages ready for writing that calls to me. I have found so many half used, brand new and long forgotten note books. I made a small pile (and by small I mean what I could quickly gather in 5 minutes) to show you just the tip of the ice berg. 



The sad part is I am trying to impart this addiction on my kids. They recently all got a new one in their stockings because they were Disney themed for our recent trip to Disneyland. I remember my husband asking me about them and why. I justified it with the fact that Diana would need to record her trip daily for school and well the other 3 could use theirs to colour in. I’m sure Amy uses hers to draw in the boys haven’t touched theirs at all, and I know for a fact Diana is using hers to plan out the paintings she is planning on creating and selling to our family and friends. She got this idea after being in our local Art Gallery. We hope that our family and friends won’t mind purchasing a $5 canvas painting from her to help support her desire to make money to buy a real painting from the gallery. 

With my addiction to stationary supplies it is no wonder August (Back to School) is my favorite time of the year. I fawn over the Staples flyers and the deals $0.25 a note book, or $0.80 for a pack of 4! Surely the kids will need these in school one day. I have a stock pile of other things they will one day need too, practical stuff like lined paper and erasers. 

Among my note books though I did find a massive supply of dried up gel pens to go with my black paged note books from College, because I did think it was cool to use those things. Plus it was more fun to study notes in bright glittery colours. I soon found though after having kids that dark memo pads for gel pens are a bad idea. I recall hearing Diana from the downstairs bathroom saying Uh Oh, over and over. Only to find her near the toilet placing the pages in and out of the water, dripping inky black and purple water everywhere. My grout has never been white since. 


For now I guess I’m going to have to restrain myself and use up what I have, since we are trying to simplify life and the contents of our home. Or I could go out and buy some new coloured pens and make endless lists of things, just because. Who am I kidding, I have 4 kids, most my lists I do try to create end up as someone else’s creative outlet and them I am stuck trying to decipher what I wrote through their doodles.

What is your addiction? Would you be surprised if you had to stack or line it all up and face the truth?




About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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