Now that I have your attention. Quickie in our house (well my husband’s secondary definition anyways) is Quiche. Some how the way I write it on our menu board it looks like Quickie to him. He always makes jokes about how I’m having Quickie’s without him, who else am I expecting for dinner, etc. But yes Quiche is one of those meals I always cook when he is working days. Tonight was Quickie night. It is one of those lazy meals I can whip up and the kids devour. I have now formal recipe I follow, simply a bunch of eggs (until I think I have lots enough), a splash or two of milk, and whatever I have laying around to add. Sometimes it is spinach, ham and cheese, or ham and cheese or spinach and cheese. Sometimes I add peppers. Tonight I added Quinoa, which meant I had to use my two pie plates and cook one without. Wee David and I ate the Quinoa one (he loves the stuff), the other 3 won’t touch it with a pole (much like their father). It is a surprisingly filling meal for them all. We pass the ketchup around the table (a trait Diana picked up from my Dad, ketchup and eggs… who knew) and share an easy dinner together. I have a few meals like this that I can just throw together for when Dave is working. In our Gluten filled days it used to be scones and jam, I would make a huge batch of them on a Friday or Saturday when Dave was working and we would just eat that with a bit of fruit thrown in and around until Monday. I miss those days as I have yet to find a good gluten free scone recipe. Other favorites are my homemade Mac and Cheese (this has been my meal since I was 13), and I’m talking fresh cheese sauce too. It was one I made for a family I babysat for every Wednesday. 

Growing up my mom didn’t like to cook. It isn’t a secret, if feeding us was as easy as opening a can of something she would have done that. I mean that nicely mom. Which is why I learned to cook young. We could only eat Shake and Bake chicken or Pork Medallions so much. But I’d have to say if dad was away her go to meal for us was soft boiled eggs and toast cut into soldiers. My dad was easy and he didn’t mind cooking to much, pretty much the reigning king of Spaghetti. Yes though when mom was away Aja and I had him convinced to take us to McDonalds. 

What is your “Quickie” meal? 



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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