About Heather Eyestone

Professional Version:

Heather Eyestone was born and raised in Oshawa Ontario. She studied Accounting and in College met her husband David through a friend who had moved to Alberta. After graduating from College Heather moved to Alberta to be with David and continue on in her Accounting studies. Heather’s passions growing up involved Girl Guides, camping and reading.

Heather is a stay at home mom of two little girls and twin boys. She still enjoys being involved in Girl Guides, camping and reading. She has also added scrapbooking and geocaching to her interests over the years. Heather also enjoys living green and passing on these values to her girls.

Heather Version:

What can I say about myself? Well a lot because for anyone who knows me knows I’m chatty! I have been well gifted with the gab. I also love being outdoors, camping, hiking, geocaching, doing Girl Guide things and gardening. I love my family to bits, they are everything to me. I’m some where between a girly girl and a tom boy, I think. I do enjoy feeling girly but I’m open to things, like fishing, maybe even touching the fish, maybe. I enjoy shopping but for not long periods or endless change rooms, shoes don’t really excite me too much unless they are a nice pair of comfortable sandals or running shoes. I’m quirky and witty and I just enjoying being me. I adore reading, I could read for days. I’d like to say that I read deep and thoughtful books, sometimes I do, but I mostly love reading romance (mostly historical/Scottish base), and young adult, aka Teen. I like the simplicity of them, being reminded about young love or well all that goes into a romance novel, and well the hot and heavy stuff too. Hey I’m a woman and human. I also enjoy scrapbooking and knitting. At heart I am a hopeless romantic, I really do believe in love at first sight, being swept off my feet and all of that Disney based stuff. I love being green and doing what I can to protect our environment. Yes this pretty much sums up me.

Have a question or a great topic, advice or an experience to share with Heather please leave your name, contact information and message in a comment for her to answer.

Photo courtesy of Heather Windsor from Heather Windsor Photography in Ontario www.heatherwindsor.com


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