Meet the Eyestones

I’d like to introduce you to our family.

David Stephen Allen Eyestone – AKA Dad – He’s a hardworking man, who loves to come home to the bright smiling faces of his girls and boys. He enjoys bowling and trains as his hobbies and feels that a bad day geocaching is still better than a good day at work.

 Heather Diana Eyestone – AKA Mom – The glue that keeps us together, by keeping us on top of appointments to keeping the house in order and clean. She enjoys scrapbooking and making cards in her spare time and rallying the family together for an afternoon of geocaching. Long summer days at the beach are at the tops of her list for fun. A devoted Girl Guide Leader and avid Camper.

 Diana Mae Eyestone – AKA Diana Bear – A spirited little girl where the sky is the limits. Passions include dancing, singing, general entertaining and being the centre of attention. She also loves making crafts and artwork to give to her Grandma and Nanny. She plans to grow up to be a dump truck girl with a pink butterfly dump truck, all while wearing her tiara and glass slippers I’m sure.

 Amy Grace Eyestone – AKA Amy Boo – A mischievous little girl who loves to test her limits and melt your heart with her smile all at the same time. She enjoys anything her sister loves, along with tending to her babies and dolls. Favorite things currently include anything she can do “By Myself!”. Amy is a hands on girl who loves to play ms fix it, the only problem is she can take everything apart but not put it back together yet.

David Patrick Eyestone – AKA Little David – Part of our identical duo, only coming into his personality. While he and his brother are hard to tell apart there seems to be a gentleness about our David that we all enjoy. He is an extremely happy boy who loves to giggle and play peekaboo. Much like his sister Amy he is very interested in how things work.

Mark Dylan Eyestone – AKA Big Mac, Markalicious  – The other part of the identical duo. Mark is our class clown! He loves the sound of his voice and the squeaks and squeals it makes. Diapers are his favorite play toy. Mark is our food lover, eager to try anything and devour the whole bowl full. He recently tried ribs and thinks they are the end all be all. (Cut up and in his food baggie, of course)


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