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Going Gluten Free

Well it has been about a month. I am hoping to get back to a little quicker at putting up a post. I wanted to do a quick post on the progress the boys have made since going Gluten Free. … Continue reading

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More than a feeling

So how many of you are now rocking in your head to Boston’s More Than a Feeling tune, complete with guitar rifts and all? Lately for my facebook friends I have been posting off and on about our most recent … Continue reading

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Birthday Parties for a Large Crowd

Today kicked my butt! I got up all full of hope for a new day and the craziness was over with so now I could get on to sorting and organizing, putting my house back together. We had friends over … Continue reading

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Making Memories

Today is a special day in our home. It is our first born daughter’s birthday. It is more the day I think of a my mother’s day than in May. Simply because it is really the day I became a … Continue reading

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Earth Day – Make one small change

Happy Earth Day everyone! April is the start of spring and the month we celebrate Earth Day. In March many people participated in Earth Hour which is a great way to get back to basics and enjoy some non electronic … Continue reading

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5 Creative Ideas for Left Over Easter Candy

OK so we are just over the week mark since this joyous holiday has left our homes filled with chocolate and treats. I have been letting the girls eat it after just about every meal and yet it still lingers. … Continue reading

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He is Risen

Today is Easter Sunday. The day that our lord and Savior rose from the grave. It marks the end of Lent as well which many of us began 40 odd days ago on Ash Wednesday. For my readers who are … Continue reading

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