Sick of Winter – Or Sick All Winter?

This has gotten to have been one of the longest winter’s we have had. We had record snowfalls at the start of the season and then long cold days. We have dropped to temperatures in the -30 range more often then I care to think about. If we aren’t hovering around that point we have been between -15 and -25. The everyone still stays inside zone. While I am a firm believer in the you get yourself dressed for the weather and you still try to enjoy it, that still is not easy with 2 three year olds. It has felt like each time the weather looks to warm up enough where little people can get outside and enjoy some fresh air, we get sick. When we are not sick the temperature plummets and it is cold beyond all reason for going outside. Needless to say other than the odd viruses we have had going through our house this season we have also had a major case of cabin fever. Strange enough it wasn’t until the last week that we had our first run of stomach flu go through the house. Our Amy came barging into the bathroom one night (which has a joined pocket door to our room, where our bed sits next to and is always open at night) and proceeds to decorate the floor with copious amounts of hot dogs and hot chocolate (I do apologize, and yet I don’t as I will be the one not eating those for a VERY long time and I was the one to have to clean it up). Dave came in and I was like Shoot! He asked what, I said we had almost made the year without puke. He thought for a second and declared I was right (which I am often). I hadn’t said anything because I thought if I had bragged or told anyone I would doom myself to that terrible fate. A year has not gone by since I was pregnant with Amy where we haven’t been attacked by that terrible virus. So strangely enough we have had many other things strike us down. Disneyland was the start of a cold/sinus infection onslaught, which was when the first case of hives presented itself. We had other smaller colds here and there. The boys and Amy all got hit with Hand Foot and Mouth disease over a 2 week period. Second case of hives like symptoms. Then with this last stomach creation we have also had weird hives as well, lasting just over a week. Mark is their current victim. It has been hard to tell when they will strike but at any given point of the day he starts to get the raised red bumps and swelling. As quickly as they come they go too. David started with them, and we think Amy had the same virus as well since Mark was also sick that night too.    

With all that said I am ready for spring and sunshine and getting outside. Thankfully this last weekend was just that, very warm outside (lots of melting) so we headed out and went hiking and geocaching both days for a couple hours. 

So over the last few months I have learned many things when it comes to illnesses. I have a small stock pile of things on hand now as staples for virus season. I wanted to share them with you, for new and seasoned moms alike. 

1. Tylenol & Advil – Get the big bottles, like Costco sized and several bottles! Especially if have a big family like ours, those little dinky bottle don’t go far and if you may be held hostage for a few weeks you don’t want to run out of that during an important point. During Disneyland we alternated between the two for a few days with Mark to keep him going and have some fun during our trip. 

2. Gingerale – Always a favorite for soothing upset tummies. I buy it in bottles usually around the 750ml mark, just enough to sip over a couple days and not let a huge bottle go flat. 

3. Benadryl – As I have learned this year not just for allergies. Hives can occur with lots of different viruses and no one wants to feel itchy, scratchy and swollen. 

4. Soup broth mixes – Because we don’t eat gluten I just keep a jar of the dry mix or the Knorr gel packs. They nicely make a broth for the sickies, and then I can either add what I want to it or leave it simply as broth. 

5. Bread – I try to keep a loaf of sour dough in the freezer (for the boys and I) and regular bread (for the girls and Dave) just to help those who are hungry but need to start light with a piece of toast. 

6. Laundry Soap – Stomach flu or not, I try to wash sheets and blankets a little more often with colds, etc going through the house just to try to limit the spread and you don’t want to run out during an important time. 

7. Lysol – I am not a chemical girl, it is one of the only ones I have. Toilet cleaner that sticks to the bowl is the other. But when sniffles and sickness strikes I do like to have some that I can dilute with water to help kill the germs. 

8. Movies – This is when we have the most of our screen time happen. It is the easiest way for me to still manage the house and the healthy ones. 

9. Popsicles – These are a nice treat for the sickies, they find it fun and I at least know they are getting some fluids. 

10. Jello – Another treat item that I know they like and are at least eating something. 

I’m sure I could think of more things but these are the ones we go to the most. 

What are you preferred things to keep on hand while dealing with viruses in your house?



About heathereyestone

I'm a stay at home mom of 4 kids, the youngest being twins. I try to live my life as green as I can, and love the outdoors.
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